Selecting a crossword

December 11, 2012
By Mike

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Below are the steps to follow to select another crossword: -

1. Press the menu key on your Android device.

2. If your device doesn’t have a “hard” menu key, press the “soft” menu key on the crosswords keypad.

3. Press Select a Crossword on the menu.

4. Select the type of crossword you want.

5. If you are not currently connected to the Internet, you will see a message like this. You can press the back key to return to the crossword.

6. If you are currently connected to the Internet, a message asking you to wait, will be displayed for a few seconds.

7. After the crosswords app gets a list of available crosswords from the server, a list like the one shown below, will be displayed.

8. You can scroll up and down the list in the usual way. 30 Crosswords are displayed on each page. Use the orange buttons at the top of the page, to move backwards and forwards, to other page listings of available crosswords. To play a crossword, simply click on it. The Crosswords app will remember which page you were on, which makes life a little easier when you return to the list to select another crossword.

The Crosswords app will remember all of the answers for each crossword you have played. So you can switch between crosswords, and come back to incomplete ones later. The crossword list page will show which crosswords you have already played, and how much of the puzzle you have completed.

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